It is the storm Ike on the screen; the beach, stripped of all signposts and swings, of all signs of civilization. Everywhere, seaweed and dead trees, the roots exposed, often sunk in the mud upside down.   Read more

I am looking for words, confesses the poet. This is not the simple action, but the symptom of the mission called “poet”, where the Falknerian madman standing outside his time and another one feeling…   Read more

The poet, just like the detective from the movie Alphaville, is here to save the planet from the ruthless claws of the techno-totalitarian. The only question that remains is, “What can transform darkness into light?”   Read more

Each time when with a leap of imagination I begin walking with the human convoys marching to their death in the Der Zor desert, or with the activation of my sensory ability my breasts feel the cold weight…  Read more